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If you are interested in guest blogging and cannot wait to share your views and opinions, you have come to the right place. Here at, we look for people who would like to contribute and write unique and original content.

Here are some of our guidelines for you to follow:


1. Who can become a guest blogger?

There are no specific requirements regarding age, profession or educational background of our guest bloggers. The only thing we really care about is the content of your post. As long as it is interesting, fresh and fits in the field of finances, we will be happy to publish it on our blog.

2. How can I add a blog post?

In order to upload a post, all you need to do is to fill out an easy contact form above and attach your post by clicking the „Attach” button. After having received your file, our team of editors will review your post and decide whether it should be published or not. You can also contact us via the form if you have any questions regarding guest blogging opportunities – in that case, you don't need to attach any file to your message.

3. Is my post going to be edited?

Our editors might slightly edit your post in order to make it consistent with our blog standards. Thus, what can potentially be changed is the form of your post and potential stylistics errors, but the main content is going to stay unchanged.

4. What are the benefits of guest blogging for

Whether you have been running your own blog for years, or just started your career as a financial specialist, guest blogging for is a powerful way to get online exposure. We are a fast growing financial website widely read across the United States and all over the world. Your name will become recognizable by dozens of people from within and outside the industry, and the traffic to your own site will increase significantly.

5. How long does it take until the post is published?

It takes about two weeks for our editors to decide whether your post should be published and they will contact you via email to inform you about their decision. If your post is approved, they will tell you about the expected date of publication.  

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