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We Need to Talk About Compulsive Couponing

Posted October 16, 2019 by Evie Mason to Deals & Coupons 1 0
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Can extreme couponing ever be too extreme? That’s a question that many couponers don’t ask themselves. But believe it or not, they should.

Compulsive couponing can become a serious problem and if you’re not careful, it can end up dictating your whole lifestyle.
Coupon addict

In some extreme cases, coupon addiction leads to a;

• Refrigerator filled with food you don’t eat
• Closet full of clothes you don’t wear
• Room filled with items you don’t actually need

And let’s not forget that purchasing unnecessary stuff is detrimental for your budget -no matter how much you save on every purchase.

So to help you become a smart couponer, I’ve compiled a list of problems you might be facing as an extreme couponer and have given their subsequent solutions.

Let’s begin.

Problem 1: You’re spending too Much Time On Coupons

Does not matter if it is day or night -you’re hunting for deals, promos, and vouchers. You’re collecting multiple magazines and newspapers to get enough coupons to buy several items for free.


Beyond that, you spend a copious amount of time organizing these coupons. In fact, you now have entire binders filled with coupons. And it doesn’t stop here. Most of your time is spent looking up deals on the web, making shopping lists and visiting multiple stores.

Solution: Step back. Take a break. Set a certain time limit on your couponing activities. On weekdays, dedicate only half an hour for finding coupons and leave the bulk of this activity for the weekends.

Problem 2: You’re Obsessed With Getting Bigger Deals

Simple 10% discounts do not satiate your hunger for saving anymore. Instead, you’re constantly in search of bigger and better deals. Does not matter what it takes, you have to best the last deal. Saved 25% on a sweater last time? It has to be at least 40% now. Finding bigger deals has become an obsession that is starting to overtake your life.


Solution: Although searching for a bigger discount is not generally a bad thing, especially consider that coupons are amazing for short-term saving goals. But one shouldn’t go as far as to buy unnecessary equipment just to achieve some imaginary benchmark.

Problem 3: Your House is Cluttered with Unnecessary Items

As a compulsive couponer, you engage in the practice of stockpiling. This means you combine coupons with a store sale to purchase a single item in a large quantity for a significantly less price.

This way, you end with 10 jars of pasta sauce even though one is enough for a month.  As a result, your house now has a massive surplus of items that must be constantly rotated and organized. Due to this, the food products are at the risk of being spoiled and wasted.

What’s worse is that your food storage is running short of space and those damn pasta sauce jars are starting to encroach on your living space.

Solution: It goes without saying; stop buying things you don’t want. There’s no need to drinks wine glasses in a mass quantity just because your local retailer has them on a sale. With or without coupons, only purchase items that offer some sort of value.

Problem 4: You’re Eating Junk Food

Have you been eating out of boxes a whole lot lately? Chances are it’s because you constantly find deals on junk food like chips, crackers, desserts, sugary drinks and processed prepared meals. To state the obvious, this isn’t good for your health.

Eating high-calorie food on daily-basis can cause a slew of medical problems for you in the future. What’s more, boxed food doesn’t make a fun diet either. The bland taste of baked beans can suck the fun out of your lunch.

Solution: It’s true that generally, coupons for junk food are widely available. But it’s possible to find discount on healthy food items as well- given that you know where to look. Many grocery stores and websites provide coupons for organic and gluten-free foods, as well as vegetables, fresh meat and fruits.

Problem 5: You Feel Guilty for Buying Products Without Coupons

It almost sounds silly but as a buyer, you feel guilt while buying something without a coupon. Even if an item is on final markdown for just $1 or something that you need on a daily basis -you cannot justify a coupon less purchase.


You might have even developed a sense of contempt towards brands that do not offer coupons. It fills you with rage that a brand would dare do such a thing.

Solution: While coupons are a wonderful way of saving money. It’s crucial for everyone leading a frugal lifestyle to prioritize their shopping activities. If something you need is not available for a discount, look elsewhere for saving opportunities. Don’t have a coupon for that deodorant you like? No worries. Buy it at full price and save on that jacket you’re planning to buy before winter.


With the rising unemployment, inflation spiraling out of control and gas prices increasing, cutting household expenses is more crucial now than ever before. Coupons are wonderful for slashing prices on everyday items and saving some hard-earned money.

However, one should be careful not to fall into the trap where shopping with coupons becomes a compulsion. Although indulging in extreme couponing is good for your financial health –don’t let this activity take over your entire life.

About Evie Mason: Self-motivated, having team player qualities with excellent communication and marketing skills and is self-employed from the past few years. Having vast experience in the field of marketing & Blogging.

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