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Wonders of Dubai - Tourists Attraction

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Dubai is one of the famous and populous emirates among all seven emirates of UAE. Soon after the discovery of oil reservoir this emirate showed remarkable boom in all industries including construction sectors as well. Before this, it was a small town where people use fishing as major source of their income. State government wisely invested revenues generated from oil to build infrastructure of this city in order to get it categorized among few highly modern cities in world. Today city has buildup various amazing and entertaining fun places, super luxury hotels and well equipped shopping, business and trade centers to serve everyone visiting this city. This city has buildup some worth seeing wonders and fun places to attract tourists and people of all age group. It is one of the glamorous cities of world offering number of ultra modern landscapes, pristine sky scrapers and stunning well built roads. Dubai has successfully buildup its image as one of the most sought after tourism destination among tourists across the globe. Tourists can delight themselves with beautiful architectural design of mosques, hotels, shopping malls and other residential and commercial buildings. This city houses various world renowned skyscrapers that are famous for their unique design and other features. Besides such ultra modern concrete structures this city also has some of the beautiful beaches and alluring desert views for those who love nature. Tourists can enjoy walking on white sandy beaches whereas those who love adventure can enjoy Desert Safari trip on a 4 wheeler and hot air balloon ride to explore beauty of deserts. Dubai offers endless fun and entertainment opportunities for tourists and people of all ages visiting this city. Besides fun activities, other things that highly attract and allure tourists are its amazing architectural structures in this city. It has number beautifully constructed giant buildings that provide excellent entertainment and executive services to its visitors. Below is the list of such world famous architectural wonders of Dubai that are known to attract tourists across the world.

  • Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
  • Dubai Fountain
  • Dubai Mall
  • Palm Island
  • World Island
  • Burj-Al-Arab
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Ski Dubai
  • Dubailand
  • Dubai Sports city

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai Mall housed one of the most exciting architectural wonders of this city named as Dubai Aquarium. It is designed according to world-class standards. Tourists find it very interesting to explore colorful wonders of aquatic life. This aquarium has 33,000 submarine animals of more than 85 species and artificial corals. It also has large number of predator fishes like sharks and string rays. It has world’s largest acrylic viewing panel measuring 32.8m wide and 8.3m high. Although this panel is very thick but it provides very clear view without any haze. This aquarium is visible from outside and you can watch this aquarium for free from large viewing panel in Mall. But if you like to observe marine life very closely and want to experience underwater view of this aquarium, you need to pay for ticket. You can just walk on suspension bridge or enjoy glass bottom boat ride in the tunnel. This aquarium is divided in to three zones rainforest, rocky shore and living ocean. Visitors can enjoy various interesting sea animals like air-breathing African lungfish, giant spider crabs, cheeky archerfish and sea dragons.

Dubai Fountain

Dubai FountainDubai Fountain is a perfect display of light, music and water. It is located in the Downtown Dubai. This fountain features 6,600 super lights and 25 color projectors. It can shoot water in the air as high as 500 ft (150 Meters) that is approximately equivalent to 50 story building. This fountain daily presents show by 20 minutes that starts from 6pm to 10pm during weekdays and till 11 pm on weekends. All performances include unique songs and dance performances. The fountain shows are exclusively free and easily viewable from vantage points on the walkway of Dubai Mall. Visitors can also watch this show standing on the edge of this fountain and sitting and dining in alfresco restaurants around Dubai Mall. It has attracted number of tourists since its opening in year 2009.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is another wonderful master piece of architectural design on a huge area more than 12 million square feet that get it recognized as one of the largest shopping mall of this world. It is not just a shopping mall rather it also has other fun and exciting activities like Fashion Island, a huge gold souk, an Olympic size ice skating rink, fountain and underwater aquarium. This mall has 10-15 individual malls that cover almost 9 million square feet retail space.

Palm Islands

Palm IslandsPalm Islands in Dubai are not only considered as Dubai wonders rather they are also considered as 8th wonder of this world that can be visible from space with naked eye. These islands include three islands constructed in the shape of Palm tree named as the Palm Jumeriah, the Palm Jabel Ali and the Palm Diera. These Palm islands collectively add 520 km of beaches to this city. Every Palm island has trunk, crown and fronds that are surrounded by the crescent that acts a water breaker. These islands are built by famous developer named as Al Nakheel properties. These islands possess super luxury hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, themed water parks, sports activities, spas and health clubs. Tourists will find various worth seeing sites and fun activities there. Moreover, tourists can also enjoy the luxury of living in water front villas and apartments constructed in Palm Islands. This project is still under construction and it is expected to complete in next 10-15 years.

World Island

The World IslandWorld Island is a wonder of architectural design and display a wonderful combination of creativity and technology. It is a manmade archipelago of 300 small islands constructed in shape of world map. Size of every single island ranges between 23,000 square meters to 84,000 square meters. Every island is separated from each other by water that extends from 50–100 meters. The total size of this small island development is 9 km in length and 6 km in width. An oval water breaker surrounds these islands. Boats and helicopters are used to travel from one island to other. These islands are made up of sand dredged from shallow sea. The initial step of dredging started in 2004. The overall price of this project is 14$ billion US Dollars.


Burj Al ArabBurj-Al-Arab is the 4th tallest building of world located on the artificial island of Jumeriah beach. It is known as one of the most luxurious hotel in the world and rated as a single 7 star hotel. Visitors and guests will get extraordinary services in a beautiful environment. Hotel interiors are unique and outstanding that makes this place beautiful and full of color. This building looks like a dhow and features many complex engineering work. This hotel building is decorated with unique sculptures of fire and water that makes this building more vibrant and colorful during night.

Burj Khalifa

Burj KahlifaBurj Khalifa is not only the architectural wonder of UAE rather it is also a wonder of this world. It is the tallest building built in this world yet. It provides widest view of city to its visitors. This building has world famous restaurants, hotels, parks, residential blocks and corporate buildings for office and conference purposes. Tourists can also enjoy the beautiful sight of Dubai fountain. The building design resemble to a six Patel desert flower. This project occupies 2 km land area in Downtown of Dubai.

Ski Dubai

Ski DubaiSki Dubai is the largest indoor ski resort with 22,500 square meters skis area. It is located in Mall of Emirates. This resort has finest and efficient insulation system to maintain temperature 1 degree Celsius and 6 degree Celsius in night. This place provides fun to people of all ages and tourists can enjoy various snow games like skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding and snow playing. Even inexperienced and people who are going to do skiing for the first time can enjoy here. This resort has several ski runs which differ in difficulty level. Moreover, company provides all necessary equipments for skiing and professionals also give tutorials for inexperienced persons who want to enjoy skiing.


DubaiLandDubailand is the wonderful place to visit. It is known as world’s biggest amusement park inaugurated in 2003. It is a highly ambitious entertainment place that offer wide range of sports, indoor games and water games. This park is so huge that it can subdivided in to six major zones which include Attractions & Experience World, Themed Leisure and Vacation World, Sports and Outdoor World Retail and Entertainment World, , Eco-Tourism World and Downtown. This place provides best entertainment for people of all age group.

Dubai Sports city

Dubai Sports CityDubai Sports City is the world’s first place that is specifically built with aim to provide sports facilities for various types of games. Major sports facilities provided in this place include cricket grounds, hockey stadium, multipurpose outdoor stadium and indoor game arena. This city has capacity to hold 60,000 visitors at a time. All places are well equipped with latest equipment and state of the art facilities. This place is perfect venue for world class tournaments. For tourists this place can be a great place to visit where they can experience the lavishness and luxury.

Dubai is a wonderful destination for tourists and travelers across the world. This city has numerous places and fun activities for everyone visiting this place. Moreover, it also has some real wonders that are simply worth to watch.

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