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Where will Gold Investment Lead to in 2013?

Posted February 27, 2013 by Bobby Braulio to Investing 0 0
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Presently at the first quarter of the year many investors are trying to get an idea on how gold will perform in the upcoming months of 2013. Recently there has been a lot of buzz in the market about an approaching recession by Q3 or Q4 of 2013 and therefore many have already started to prepare for the worst. And when it comes to asset and wealth protection, converting them into gold is the most popular conventional approach adopted by many investors and business owners. It is because unlike money and other assets gold has real value and its value is not effected by economic and market downfalls because of its ever increasing demand in the market. However recessions can be hard and investors who bear the experience of being in such phases believe that if the present economy and market that can change overnight is kept under consideration, than nothing is absolutely safe or immune. As a result there is much concern among those who have currently invested in gold or looking forward to invest in it in the near future.

Keeping the current market and global trends under consideration, experts have nothing but good news for investors who are bothered about gold investment in 2013. Investment expert Michael Lombardi believes that gold investment will be one of the safest types of investment in 2013 not only because of conventional factors like gold has real value and it is considered universally valuable but because of current factors that highlights the performance of the metal in the stock market and its increasing price and demand compared to other assets. Presently the price of gold is on the rise not only because of investors investing heavily on the yellow metal but because of many central banks purchasing it in large quantities.  Moreover there is an increasing demand for gold among countries like China and India; and given that both the nations have huge consumer markets, the demand for gold will undoubtedly increase in the future.

Gold in the form of jewelry is always in high demand in Indian markets where it is used in traditional occasions and weddings. Gold is primarily used in making jewelry since ancient times and the demand of gold jewelry is on the rise specifically in countries like India. India accounts to 27% of the world’s total gold jewelry consumption and statistics reveal that this percentage is more likely to increase in the coming days. There is also an increasing demand for gold in the industrial sector because of its chemical features like high conductivity and it being one of the least reactive among metals making it suitable for various industrial usages.  Thus all these points indicate that the demand for gold will continue to increase in the future which will ultimately cause its price to increase further. Therefore gold investment is fairly one of the best types of investment that investors can opt for in 2013 and by investing now investors can earn more form it in the coming days when the price of gold rises further.

About Bobby Braulio: Michael Lombardi has authored and published over one thousand articles on investment and money management. He is an active investor in real estate, art, precious metals and various businesses.

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