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What Is a Subprime Loan?

Posted May 22, 2014 by Sanjana Singh to Finance 0 0
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Since the economic turmoil of 2008, average American credit score is now less than 660, which is considered subprime or in layman terms, a bad credit score. But does that mean that people who have a score lower than 660 cannot get their loans approved? Well, if your answer is ‘no,’ then you are a partially wrong. Chances are that a regular company won’t approve your loan application. But today, a number of moneylenders deal with subprime loans, which offer individuals an incredible opportunity of security loans even if their credit score is bad. Do you want to know what subprime lending is? Read on.

Subprime lending is nothing less than a second-chance lending opportunity for individuals with bad credit scores. This credit is often provided to people who have previously witnessed difficulty in maintaining their repayment schedule. The reason behind difficulties can include anything from a marital setback such as divorce to unemployment and medical emergencies in the family. Usually, credit scorers below 640 are included in the subprime credit list.

Characteristics of subprime lending

Some of the major characters of subprime lending include-

Mortgage- Since these loans are provided to individuals with bad credit score and hence can be asked to mortgage or provide collateral for the loan.

High Interest rates- A number of companies provide these loans with higher interest rate in an attempt to compensate higher credit risk. But the interest rates vary from company to company.

Extends credit market- Subprime loans are often appreciated by economists because they extend credit to individuals who otherwise might not have access to financial support.

How to get a subprime credit?

People who cannot get their standard and prime loan applications approved can opt for subprime lending facility. Most individuals who opt for these lending facilities either have insufficient credit history, repayment difficulties, low credit score or high debt when compared to their income. If you want to apply for subprime lending services, make sure that you take following steps-

Search- There isn’t a point in wasting your energy running from pillar to post contacting moneylenders all around the country. Therefore, search beforehand and only contact companies that deal with subprime lending. Visit different websites, note their average response time for application and e-mail or call the company representatives to get a fair idea about their credit lending schemes. Prefer a company that opts for different credit scores to assess risk. This will increase the probability of getting your loan approved.

Documents- You can’t obviously get your loan approved till you have your documents ready. While the company is processing your application, take your time and get your proof of income, bank statements and a list of monthly expenses ready. Ensure that you have mortgage documentation as well (if required).

Prepare yourself- A lender would usually ask you for some more documents, such as your taxes and may question you regarding previous loans. So make sure that you prepare yourself.

Getting your subprime lending application isn’t difficult. You just have to be prepared beforehand.
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