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Ways to Keep Cool in the Warm Weather without Breaking the Bank

Posted April 25, 2013 by Rainier to Simple Living / Productivity 0 0
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Let’s face it, we complain when it’s too hot or too cold. A majority of us love to live in a temperature range between 74 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit (23 to 24 degrees Celsius), but living in Florida during the Spring and Summer months starts to become difficult as it tends to be extremely hot. People will instantly say, “Just turn on the A/C,” but that becomes an expensive option after a couple of days.

I’ve learned of a few ways to stay cool that won’t leave your wallet hurting and are also eco-friendly.

Limit or Reflect that Heat

What’s the best way to stay cool? Don’t allow that sun into your home! Or at least try to limit it with a few window treatments that reflect the heat. 3M has the perfect product that homeowners can apply over windows to reflect most of the heat from the sun from coming into the home. If you would rather block the sun from coming into your home only during certain periods of the day, then there are solar screens that do the trick. These screens are similar to normal blinds but they absorb excess heat and keep your home cool.

Let Mother Nature Help

Remember playing outside as a kid and having that one big tree you and your friends would sit around when it got too hot? Having a big tree in the yard is a great green way to provide much needed shade to your yard and home when the sun starts beating down. In addition, you can grow or plant some small privacy trees next to western facing windows to help keep the home cool. Creating a natural shade helps your stay green and keeps your home cool. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Focus on You & Your Pets

Sometimes it’s not that the environment is too warm, but it’s the individual who is not properly hydrated. Keeping hydrated and making sure you have a steady outlet for cold drinks will go a long way in keeping your mind and body from going crazy from the heat. You should also make sure your pets’ water bowls are always full of water and that their sleeping area is in a place where it’s relatively cool. If you want to be an awesome pet parent, you can purchase one of those small plastic pools for them to use to cool off, and maybe you’ll join them in there as well!

Simple Additions to the Home

If your family is big into having cookouts and being outdoors, it might make sense that you have an area to escape the heat when you’re outdoors. Having a retractable awning attached to your patio will not only keep your family cool, but it will make your home seem roomier. If you’re not big into awnings, then a portable gazebo is a great little addition to your backyard, and it would provide your family a special place to escape the sun.

If You Must Have A/C…

Then make sure your A/C unit is energy efficient and ENERGY STAR rated to help keep your electric bill low and its effect on the environment as low as possible. If you can’t afford one of these new A/C units, then make sure you change the A/C filter as an old filter will keep your machine from performing at top performance.

About Rainier: Rainier Fuclan if a writer for ProBuilt Steel Buildings, a company that has been the leading provider of custom metal buildings for sale. 

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