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The Art of Saving Money: Using Online Tools to Purchase Products for Less

Posted June 6, 2013 by Lewis R Humphries to Frugality 1 0
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While e-commerce is now more than a decade old, it remains an evolutionary concept that continues to change in line with technological advancements and consumer demands. This flexibility has guaranteed the growing popularity of e-commerce across the globe, as consumers have sought a more convenient way of shopping for everyday and luxury items. In the U.S. alone, it is estimated that U.S. citizens will spend $327 billion in 2016, rising from just $202 billion in 2011. This represents an annual growth rate of 10.1% over a 5 year period and underlines the increasing reliance that consumers have on e-commerce outlets.

The Art of Saving Money: How Online Tools can help you in the Quest to Save

E-commerce has particular relevance in the current economic climate, especially as sequestration cuts and fluctuating levels of consumer confidence begin to take their toll. For consumers who learn how to fully utilize e-commerce outlets and independent online tools, there is an opportunity to save considerable sums of money over a prolonged period of time. Consider the following: -

The Role of Price Comparison Sites in the Quest for Savings: When shopping for a financial service or browsing specific product range, online price comparison sites are often heralded as key referencing tools. While they are extremely purposeful tools in the modern age, it is important to remember that not all brands or service providers advertise through this medium. This means that price comparison resources and applications should be implemented into an existing search strategy, through which you also strive to identify and visit independent websites. This will give you a larger range of prices, and ultimately improve your chances of making a big financial saving.

Get On Board with Online Coupon Sites and Resources: One of the single biggest developments in e-commerce has been the creation of online coupon codes, which can be offered by independent brands or through independent daily deal websites. These codes afford consumers access to considerable discounts on products and services, and their growing popularity mean that these savings are now available across a broader range of markets. From everyday items to weekend breaks and holidays in the sun, contemporary coupon codes are reducing the average consumer’s cost of living on a daily basis.

Using Technology that Empowers Real Time Online Shopping: In the quest to use online coupon codes and access savings effectively, website browser extensions play a pivotal role. Available primarily through the Apple Safari and Google Chrome browsers, these applications have had a significant impact in the e-commerce industry and empowered consumers to access real time savings while they shop. Take products such as PriceBlink, for example, which delivers a real time comparison of prices to customers while they browse items. This and similar applications deliver information and coupon codes to consumers as they go about their daily business, saving them time and money in the process.

In Conclusion

In its infancy, e-commerce was considered as a revolutionary concept that afforded the gift of convenience to customers throughout the world. Over time, however, it has also proved its worth as a cost effective consumer resource, which enables individuals to make savings across a wide variation of products and services. This may prove crucial in the current economic climate, as the number of working poor rises and households struggle to cope amid widespread economic uncertainty.



About Lewis R Humphries: This post was written Lewis, who is a financial blogger with a passion for consumerism and financial savings. Whether you are looking to save money on a day to day basis or fully utilize travel coupon codes, he recommends SumoCoupon.com for all of your e-commerce needs.

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