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Revealed: The best places for weekend ski holidays in France this year

Posted March 1, 2013 by Andy to Travel 0 0
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Skiing is an activity that provides a great basis for a fantastic holiday. Lots of people enjoy going on weekend ski holidays because it provides entertainment for all types of people. It doesn’t matter if you are an adrenaline junkie or not, it doesn’t matter if you have skied before or you have not, everybody can go at their own pace and their own level and thus it is enjoyable to all. Aside from this, these sorts of holidays also provide you with the perfect opportunity to explore some fantastic places as well. France is a highly popular place for those seeking a ski holiday and this article will reveal the best places in France to stay for a ski vacation.


Chamonix can be found in the South East of France, more specifically in the Rhone-Alpes region. This is a destination well-known for being a hot spot for those who love to ski. This is a place that attracts keen skiers – or extreme skiers if you prefer to put it that way – because it boasts the highest European mountain to the west of Russia. Nevertheless, partaking in extreme skiing is not a necessity, so don’t let that put you off. Another reason why Chamonix is so popular and famous is because it has an outstanding cable car. The cable car goes up to the Aiguille du Midi Mountain - that means it takes a 12,605 ft trip. It is not surprising that it used to be the highest cable car in the world when it was constructed.


Meribel is a fantastic ski resort found in the Tarentaise Valley, in the Savoy region of France. Meribel provides a picture perfect experience. There are some beautiful towns nearby and the experience is certainly one that will provide you with some breath taking scenery and sights. The Tarentaise Valley is actually home to the largest concentration of ski resorts on a global basis. This is a great resort for the family because skiing is available at all levels and there are other fantastic activities to enjoy as well. There is even the option of disabled skiing as well, and thus no one is excluded on weekend ski holidays to Meribel.

La Tania

La Tania is one of the more recent ski resorts as it was only developed in 1992 – just over 20 years ago. La Tania was born for the purpose of the Albertville Olympics and can be found in Les Trois Vallees, more specifically the Courchevel area. This is the perfect ski resort for those who are looking for a tranquil and relaxing break. You can enjoy your skiing, experience the stunning and traffic free town, and soak in the beautiful sights and ambience. There is a real community feel surrounding La Tania and most people seem to enjoy this and positively comment on the atmosphere. With regards to skiing, there is a lot of fun to be had. There is a free beginner’s drag lift and an area benefitting from snow cannons, meaning that it can be used all season long.
If you are planning a ski weekend away this year then you should definitely consider the three locations mentioned in this article. They are assured to provide you with an experience you will cherish dearly for the rest of your life, and you never know; you may find yourself going back there next year.


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