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Questions to Ask for Identifying the Most Ideal Car Title Loan Company

Posted March 16, 2013 by Harry Pearce to Finance 0 0
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car loanA car title loan is designed to allow the car owner to draw the maximum equity against the worth of the vehicle. It acts as a quick financing aid that is mostly available for people with even bad credit. In order to become eligible for a title loan, you are required to apply with some documents of evidence, provided you have a steady stream of income so that you can repay. However, even the loan lender must be eligible to lend in your eyes. While looking for a car title loan, it is vital to look for certified title loan companies that are willing to work with you in a direct and truthful manner. Only such companies are eligible, right? Because there are many such companies, you are bound to get confused as to which one is right for you. Well, in that case, you need to open up your mind to ask some questions after doing background research on the lender as well as their services. Here are some questions to ask for!

Ask about the License Information

Only a certified company will have a valid license. Therefore, you must always ask the lender: What’s the license number? Where your firm is licensed? In case the lender does not offer you the license information, know that she or he is violating a state law in some way or the other. Further, always check the lender’s official site where you must find the license number along with the information on the type of license obtained. A reputable lender will always disclose this information orally and via the Web site.

Ask about Accreditations

Having accreditations with reputed and globally famous institutions such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a great indicator of genuineness. Therefore, you must ask about the accreditations of the company with which the lender is working. BBB is known to provide grades or ratings to firms as per the quality of their service along with the number of complaints against them. For example, a reliable company registered with the BBB will always have the rating between A and B. This will give you an idea of the complaint history and service quality.

Ask about the Addresses and Branches

One more question whose answer can confirm reliability of the firm/lender is regarding the address of the main office along with those of the branches. If the lender does not offer this information, know that it is time to raise a red flag against her or him. Not disclosing the official addresses means there is something wrong for sure. Further, even if you get the addresses, you need to ensure that they are valid by either visiting the places personally or by using Google Maps to confirm the listing.

Ask about Social Media Goals

A reputable auto title lender will always have a goal of reaching up to more and more consumers with useful information apart from marketing their services. So, you can ask about how the lender is using the social media in promoting her or his business. You can also check the Facebook or Twitter page and check out whether she or he has a blog to keep customers informed about the latest updates, important news, and announcements.

Ask Loan-based Doubts

The more queries you ask and more doubts you solve, the better you comprehend the terms and process implemented by the lender. So, do ask anything that is related to loan application, terms, and requirements. If you do not get satisfactory answers or complete solutions to your doubts, you must consider some other company or lender.

About Harry Pearce: Willox Benes is a loan manager in a financial company in Los Angeles. He is also a blogger who loves to write on topics related to finance. His current topic of research is title loan companies and title loan requirements.

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