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Plan ahead to get some great holiday deals

Posted March 20, 2013 by Kylasmith to Travel 0 0
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The budget for a holiday is one of the most important things to have planned in advance. This article covers some ideas and tips on how to stay within budget and how to save money both before and during a holiday.

When you are planning a holiday, it is extremely important to get the budget in place first and make sure you stick to it. Unexpected things can happen and there is a contingency plan in any well thought out budget to cover this, but not having a budget in the first place, or ignoring one that you do, is just asking for a stressful holiday when your money runs out.

Get great deals by planning ahead.
When you are choosing your holiday, there are often great deals to be had if you book well in advance. Lots of travel agents and resorts like to get places booked up and so offer discounts for early bookings. If you want to visit attractions or take specific tours when you are away, then have a look if you can book these in advance as well; this allows you to pay for your excursions before you go and give you time to save up. Advanced tickets are often cheaper, especially if you purchase a package of tickets. Florida theme parks are a good example of ticket bundles that can be much better value for money if bought in advance.

Or leave it until the last minute...
If you are flexible on your travel destination, then simply booking the time and then waiting to see what becomes available can be an extremely cheap way to get a holiday, but this isn't always possible for larger groups or families. Last minute holidays are great for singles or couples and if you are planning a weather dependent holiday, leaving it until nearer the time to book so that you can check weather forecasts may pay dividends. Outdoor escapes or beach holidays can be miserable if the weather isn't as expected. Booking at the last minute is not the best way for trips to very popular places in high season; tickets are not likely to get cheaper nearer the time if the demand remains very high.

Whatever your holiday plans, be they a family beach holiday in Spain or American adventure holidays for singles, there are generally benefits to booking in advance; you know that everything is in place and have a good idea how much spending money you will need if your activities are paid for already. Insurance should never be left until the last minute and always check your passport is valid and you meet any visa requirements for your destination well in advance; last minute visas and passport renewals are far more expensive than a standard version. When it comes to holidays, a little bit of planning goes a long way, so it's generally best to leave just the packing to the last minute


About Kylasmith: Kyla Smith is a seasoned traveler who has visited many places around the globe, often on a very tight budget. Some of her favourites have been American adventure holidays for singles, particularly one located on a ranch in Texas, at which she met her husband.

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