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On a Budget? There's an App for That

Posted July 30, 2012 by Taylor Swanson to Frugality 0 0
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Signing up for a data-plan with the Apple iPhone costs a few dollars. If you are among the fortunate ones to have and use an iPhone, take advantage of some of the money saving apps to help defray the cost of data-plans and the iPhone itself. If you want to save money buying gas, managing a household budget, your weekly grocery bill or for going out to a movie, there's an app for that. Use the apps along with fatwallet.com to find great savings and keep your budget intact.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy lets you find the cheapest gas wherever you may be. Open the app and enter the zip code of your location. Let the app work its magic and then voila! You get a screen readout and a map with directions showing you the way to save money on your next fill-up.

Grocery Gadget

Compare products, shop for bargains and make sure you are not overpaying for items with Grocery Gadget. Open the app and use it to scan ISBN codes on the product labeling to bring up information about the item, similar items, and what the average price of the product should be. Avoid overpaying or buying something that may not be what you need with Grocery Gadget.

ATM Hunter

For those who use MasterCard Debit Cards, avoid those nasty ATM fees by using the ATM Hunter app. This app let's you search for fee-free ATMs for your MasterCard Debit in your area. Enter zip codes to get a list of available ATM machines that do not charge a fee for your card in your area.

Skype or Facetime

Skype is now cleared for use out of the Apple App Store and on iDevices. Skype allows free Skype-to-Skype account calling and video chats. Use this to keep monthly phone bills down or to keep up with friends and family overseas with limited fees. For example, you can video chat for free with someone who has a Skype account, even if they are in another country.

Facetime is Apple's proprietary app for the same purposes. Anyone using an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or a Mac with the iMessage program (found in the latest OS Mountain Lion) can take advantage of free video chats or texting sessions. Facetime only works between two iDevices. Other smartphones or devices do not work with the app, unlike Skype.

Airfare Pro

Save money on your next flight using Airfare Pro. This app searches all available travel search engines to pull up the guaranteed best fare for your flight. The app offers a "100 percent lowest fare guarantee." If you find a lower fee for the same flight, Airfare Pro will give you the price of the fare plus 10 percent. This means you are sure to get the best fare for any upcoming trip.

Happy Hours App

When the workday is done and you are ready to unwind, open the Happy Hours App and find the best drink specials, meal and treats and places to meet. Have fun and still manage to save a few bucks with the Happy Hours App.


About Taylor Swanson: Taylor Swanson has an iPhone and iPad loaded with apps. In order to keep up to date with his iDevices, Taylor needs to save money any way he can, including money saving apps themselves.

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