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Is it Possible To Get a Health Insurance After The Detection of Heart Disease?

Posted June 29, 2017 by Priyesh Pandey to Insurance 0 0
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If you are undergoing tests for getting an insurance cover and are detected with a heart ailment or disease, do you or do you not get insurance. The answer is Yes, you can get insurance as it would be covered under prior condition.

What is a prior condition?

A previous condition is any damage or infection for which finding have been made, treatment suggested or rendered, or costs have been brought about inside a set measure of months before the successful date of purchasing a health insurance (typically 3, 6 or 12 months). This would differ for each provider. A prior condition will incorporate any condition, here related to the heart, which would push a person towards seeking medical treatment. The insurer is most likely to cover such diseases under critical illnesses.

A few years ago, most insurance providers, refused to provide insurance policy for critical illnesses. Nothing outright was said, but a polite pointing to the expenses involved and the lower chance of recovery were the possible reasons given for the denial. However, with advancement of the treatment and the increased rate of recovery pushed the insurers to offer policy to cover heart attacks and related ailments.

Why you need Heart Attack Health Insurance

Studies with regards to heart diseases in India are disheartening and with regards to urban India put the estimate of the number of people suffering from heart diseases, the most likely cause of heart attacks anywhere between 7-13 per cent. An attack requires immediate attention and with rising costs of medical treatment, having an insurance will get you the best treatment without worrying about in-hospital or out-hospital expenditures.

An insurance policy that covers a heart attack is as easy to claim as a health insurance policy. Call your insurer directly or if there is an agent involved, call the agent and file the claim. You can even go online to file your claim. It is considered a good idea to have a cloud storage with details of the policy that you and other family members can access in case the need arises. The customer care representative will help with the process and help you can have a cashless experience while getting the best treatment available.

Health Insurance for Heart Attack Patients

While seeking online health insurance for yourself or a family who has suffered a heart attack, be sure to study the policy in detail. Online aggregators such as Paybima will let you compare features of all the insurers on one page. You can easily compare what the policy covers, what kind of tests or reports the patient may need to undergo, the coverage period and cost of policy, the hospitals or specialist centres covered, etc. It is also a good practice to compare the renewal policy of the provider before buying one.

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