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Insurance And Your Car Windscreen - Tips You Should Know

Posted January 15, 2018 by Windscreen Replacement Perth to Insurance 0 0
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When it comes to car insurance and windscreen repairs and replacement, it’s important to know that all insurers offer something a little different. 

Some offer free windscreen repairs but not replacements, some don’t charge an excess for repairs done by their approved glaziers whilst others offer optional cover with an extra premium.  The trick is to know where you stand with your own insurer and to read the fine-print so that there are no surprises when you need to make a claim for a windscreen repair or replacement. 

If it’s time to renew your cover or if you’re taking out a whole new insurance policy, it’s a good idea to research your options thoroughly and make sure you compare apples with apples.

Here are three important things you should know about insurance and your car windscreen.

1. Know your insurance plan
Don’t assume anything.  If you’re unsure of your level of coverage, have a chat to your insurance provider or send them an online query.  Remember that windscreen replacements and windscreen repairs are two different things and your insurer may not cover both, so find out what you’re covered for and then you can decide on a plan of action. 
Just because they cover windscreen repairs doesn’t mean that they cover full windscreen replacements, so don’t make any assumptions - rather get confirmation from the insurance provider themselves.
A professional windscreen repair company will also have relationships/arrangements with certain insurance companies and can help you work out what your insurance covers and give you an idea of your out-of-pocket expenses (if any). 

2. Money matters
When looking at car insurance, you should find out what the costs of a total windscreen replacement on your vehicle would cost versus the cost of your premium (and any excess payable in the event of a claim). 
You also need to weigh up your risk factors so that you get the right level of cover.  For example, if you do a lot of driving on country roads with loose stones and gravel or long-distance trips which involves driving behind or overtaking big trucks which may kick up small stones which can damage your windscreen, it may make financial sense to take out a higher level of cover.  If you live in an area which has a high frequency of motor vehicle break-ins, or spend time in these higher-risk areas, you should also ensure that you have the appropriate level of cover for your risk profile.

3. Look after your windscreen
Preventative care is crucial.  Your vehicle’s windscreen plays an important safety role and it needs to be properly looked after to make sure it performs optimally.  It’s critical that you sort out any little cracks or chips as soon as possible because if you ignore them, they can escalate into bigger issues and could very well end up costing you more. 

As mentioned, different insurance providers offer different levels of cover and benefits when it comes to windscreen repair or replacement, so it’s really worth spending a bit of time evaluating your options to find one that’s right for you.  Remember, your motor insurance is there to save you money, so it’s really worth getting to grips with what’s on offer so that you can get the most bang for your buck.

If you do need to have your windscreen repaired or replaced, don’t take a chance on quality or safety - always choose a licensed and experienced professional to do the job.  For windscreen repairs and replacements in Perth, call Jason at Autoscreens on 0400 200 086 for fast, efficient, friendly advice and on-site service.  You can also get in touch via their website, www.windscreenreplacementperth.com.au, and because they’re associated with all the major insurance companies including RAC, SGIO, Allianz, QBE, Shannons and CGU, you know you’re in good hands.

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