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Hypoallergenic Gifts You Can Give With No Worries

Posted July 16, 2013 by Rainier to Fashion 0 0
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Hypoallergenic gifts are starting to become more popular than ever. With the rise in allergies in our children, there will be a need to consider if the present you’re giving to them will give them an allergic reaction.

The Center of Disease Control, found that there had been a sharp rise in allergies in US Kids triggered by food or the environment. The latest data from the CDC, showed food allergies in kids age 18 and under increased from 3.4 percent to 5.1 percent between the timeframe of 1997 to 2011. Skin allergies rose from 7.4 percent to 12.5 percent in the same time frame.

With this rise in allergies it would be good to learn about common gifts to give to individuals that could trigger an allergy attack for them and the alternatives you can give.


This might seem a bit odd as a gift to give, however, think outside the norm. Giving a great hypoallergenic travel blanket and pillow would be a life saver to someone who travels a lot. Having them not worry about breaking out and being in distress while traveling is going to be comforting in itself. Also, imagine you have friends who love to go to the beach or camping. Providing them with a hypoallergenic beach blanket will help keep them warm and safe from any of the elements.


There’s a multitude of different cosmetic products that can irritate your skin depending on the sensitivity or any related allergic reactions to the chemicals in the product. Hypoallergenic cosmetic products started to gain popularity because they were cosmetics that were gentler on your skin than the normal version. These would be amazing gifts for your significant other if they love makeup but are afraid of using it, from fear of breaking out. Two great companies to take a look at for hypoallergenic cosmetic products would be Almay and Clinique, which is available in most department stores.


You know your love ones love wearing jewelry and showing off some bling, but they don’t wear any because of allergic reactions to the metal on their skin. Well, there’s hypoallergenic jewelry that will help alleviate metal to skin reactions. This hypoallergenic jewelry is made out of pure metals rather than alloys, which are a mix of different metals. Stick to gold, platinum or titanium pure jewelry if your love ones are allergic.

If your love ones like jewelry that has a purpose then there are some great stainless steel medical ID bracelets with style. Hope Paige is one of the of many companies that offers stylish jewelry that doubles as a medical identifier in case of an emergency.

Hypoallergenic Pets

Strange as it may be there are hypoallergenic pets out there, I’m not talking about goldfish or snakes. I’m talking about puppies and kittens! There are many pet lovers out there that would love to have a cat or dog, but their allergies tend to be the only thing stopping them. However, there’s a vast variety of cats and dogs that do well with people who have allergies.

If you didn’t know, the major cause of pet allergies isn’t because the hair of the pet. Rather, it’s the saliva of the pet that triggers the allergic reactions and when they tend to lick their hair the saliva proteins stay on the hair. So finding a cat or dog that is short hair and doesn’t shed that often will be helpful in this case. Here’s a short list of dogs and cats that you can surprise your loved one with and won’t have to worry about their allergies:

  • Maltese (dog)
  • Poodle (dog)
  • Sphynx (cat)
  • Labradoodle (dog)
  • Devon rex (cat)

There are many more hypoallergenic gifts out there, I hope this list will bolster some ideas the next time you’re looking for a special gift for your loved ones who tend to have allergic attacks on some everyday things most people don’t think about.

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