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How To Save On Dorm Room Essentials in 2013 And Beyond

Posted March 7, 2013 by Missy to Frugality 0 0
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If you’re a new student or will be in the Fall, you’re about to be inundated with many expenses. From books to new electronics and even clothing; there’s bound to be an influx of costs before you even get to the first day of school.

Then there’s all the costs incurred from being a dorm student. From furniture to bedding and decor; you’ll have to fork over a pretty penny to have some stylish digs. However not all is lost, as there are a number of things you can do today to save big bucks tomorrow in dorm related expenses.

See our top tips below and feel free to weigh in yourself if you have good tips to add.

* Hit The Web - many students and parents still hit brick and mortar shops to buy dorm room essentials, by shopping locally and or at big box stores like Walmart. However, there’s a gold mine of savings to be had if you simply hit the web and shop online instead. Anything and everything you can think of can be bought online, then shipped to juniors college. We especially like Amazon and its many shop friendly features, you can start by availing yourself of Amazon Prime which is an expedited shipping option. With Prime you can get most if not all of your purchases in 2 days for free and a whole other slew of benefits and perks such as Video on Demand and more.

* Recycle, And Try Used Items - do you have an older brother or sister who just recently completed their stint at school? Maybe as recent as last year. If so, then this is a prime opportunity to grab some of their stuff for your own use. The most expensive items in a dorm is usually the furniture, so this would be the ideal items to snag from them. Ask them, buy it or simply make a trade of some sort. This is an excellent way to save big bucks.

* DIY - are you crafty or handy? Maybe you design and make things on the side as a hobby. Well now is the perfect time to make something and use it in your dorm. Things like curtains, makeshift tables and stools, and decorations galore such as wall hangings, mirrors and such. If you can visualize it, then try to come up with a creative and crafty way of building it yourself. Try also sites like MadeIMyself.com for additional DIY inspiration and ideas.

There you have it. Three solid tips and ideas on ways to save when it comes to dorm room essentials for 2013 and beyond. Just because it’s college semester time doesn’t mean you need to get into debt or spend everything you have. Simply make use of resources already available to you and think of smart ways to re use, DIY or find things cheaper. From shopping online to re using stuff from a sibling or other relative to making things yourself, there’s no need to spend a bundle on dorm room basics.

Share your own valuable tips with us below in the feedback area.

About Missy: Missy Diaz writes about varied topics that are aimed at college students. She has an online mba in creative writing and loves that she found her calling writing for the web.

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