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How to Help Your Clients Feel Like They Are Coming Home in Your Office

Posted November 29, 2017 by genyvoyager to Small Business / Entrepreneurship 0 0
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Meeting with clients and talking about your business can be intimidating. However, it’s just as likely that your customers are as nervous as you are about meeting face-to-face and talking about any issues with your product or service. You’d be surprised how little touches tend to go a long way and can make your clients feel as though they can trust you and your business.

Here are some ways you make your clients feel comfortable the next time they come to visit you in your office.

Give your office a personal touch

Have you ever walked into a building and felt as though it was too cold? (And we’re not just talking about problems with the air conditioning—another thing you’ll want to have ready to go before a customer visits.) It might have been the interior. Oftentimes, when rooms are too bland or too modern, they can come across as though the workers inside are out-of-touch with customers. All it usually takes is painting the room some warm colors and adding some personal décor choices to make your office seem like a place that you want to be—and that your customers will want to be too.

Be warm and open

Clients can gain a lot of information just by seeing how you are reacting to meeting them in person. As a result, you’ll want to be open and willing to hear what they have to say even if it is negative. Greet them with a smile and a handshake, and offer them something to drink. You’ll want to open the conversation as a dialogue. Make sure they know that it is important that their voices are heard and that you care about what they want to express to you. The customer might not always be right, but it’s likely that he or she does have a point to make that can end up helping your business.

Let staff know

Just as you probably be on your best behavior, you’ll want your staff to act that way, as well. Let them know that a client is coming in and that they are likely going to be scrutinizing your company. While it’s likely that you’ve already hired a quality team willing to go the extra mile to make your clients feel comfortable, it’s always a good idea to remind them. Customers can often judge you as a manager or a business owner by the people you hire, and when you want clients to feel like family, your team might have to put a bit more work into the way they greet people coming through the door.

Make sure to follow up

Whether your meeting ends up being successful or not, you’ll want to send out an email thanking the customers you talked to for their time. That extra step of showing that their time meant something to you can go a long way, and it can often encourage repeat business. It doesn’t have to take long to make an impression—often, five or ten minutes is enough to craft an email that will show that you care about their business.

Meeting clients can be an enjoyable experience once you begin to treat them as though they are friends or family. With some little touches, you can show them that your company is trustworthy and that you’ll do everything you can to make them comfortable.

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