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High Performing Pension Options

Posted April 30, 2013 by Lewis Sellers to Investing 1 0
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The aging population of the Western world is set to cause trouble for governments and its people. To be matter of fact about it, too many people are living for too long and the so state pensions will not be affordable for much longer. So, savvy folk who wish to live their golden years in a golden manner will invest their money in a pension that works harder for longer.

Preparing now, is the best way to get ahead of the curve and ensure that you are saving and investing the money required for the future. Talking to your accountant about the best ways to save is a good way to get an insight into the reality of the situation. However, we’ve also compiled a number of strongly performing pension areas to invest in for the future

Fine Wine

Wine is one of the more creative options to invest in; however from the look of the statistics it is and has been a strong one for a long time. Wine is one of the most reliable investments there is and Bloomberg have gone as far as saying a well-managed account can pull in 18% or more a year.

Wine is also tax free and quite low risk and also portable. You don’t need to have knowledge either, as there are plenty of professionally managed funds out there. Wine has increased in value through both World Wars and also has shown an upwards curve in good and bad times. It’s a good place to invest some of your funds for the future and could really work out well as part of a pension investment.


Shares are risky in good times and bad and they need an informed hand to be made the most of. Nowadays experts are saying that equity is the best place to put your money. Amazingly, even in the current economic malaise, shares are doing quite well and the FTSE 100 has managed a 2.7% rise in 2012- something most other investments pale in comparison to. Buying a managed equity fund can take the hassle out of shares and can make a good investment for a future pension. Alternatively, if you can afford it, managing your own shares can be a fun and exciting way to pass the time, as well as make money.


Going green with your pension can also be a great way to make money and increase the amount of your nest egg is worth. There are a number of different forms of green pensions out there, especially because the green economy is so strong. Some work on feed in tariffs and some are equity investments. Discuss the options with your accountant and financial experts to see if one of these options suits your needs.

Annuity Activity

Being a little more involved and active with your annuity can help you achieve great things with your money. Most pensions work on an annuity basis. Essentially, this means that when you retire your policy is used to buy a pension fund.

Most people tend to just take the first pension fund offered. However, it’s possible to shop around and take a look at some of the other options out there – you don’t have to accept what is offered to you. Shopping around could mean 20% higher when it comes to cashing in. Something else of note is that if you’re unhealthy, smoke or has some other issue that is deemed life shortening, you may get a better deal – simply because they expect your lifespan to be shorter.

Company Pensions

The company pension is something seldom offered nowadays, though if you do get the chance, thank your company’s accountant, and grab it. The earlier you start your company pension, the more you can watch your money grow. Sacrificing salary in exchange for a pension contribution also helps and can bolster your pension fund and it’s all exempt from tax.

Pension funds are a tricky necessity, though a little active work and interest from the future pensioner in the area, can make for significant rewards and a more comfortable nest egg.

About Lewis Sellers: Lewis Sellers works as a marketing consultant for Tuchbands, a firm of Chartered accountants who specialise in business accounting services. Lewis enjoys researching different topics relating to accountancy, money saving tips and helping small businesses improve their finances.

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