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Get Your Claim for a Personal Injury

Posted October 29, 2012 by Janice to Insurance 0 0
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You will have no doubt seen the TV averts and heard the announcements on the radio, they always have the usual spiel: “no win no fee compensation”, “if you’ve had an accident or suffered an injury at work”, “Have you slipped or tripped in public?”

These adverts have become so commonplace that they often serve as little other than a distraction, something that you have to endure before you can get on with what you really want to be doing, such as watching the TV Programme that was interrupted by the advert!

But what if you actually have had an injury, a trip, a fall, and you really can make a claim? Suddenly those adverts look a lot more interesting don’t they?


How to claim


Claiming is extremely easy and there are plenty of personal injury claims specialists who can help you. The best way of finding a supplier to make a claim is by looking online through a reputable search engine however, you need to be careful. Much like the specialist organisations which can assist with PPI claims, you need to ensure you go with a provider that doesn’t take an unnecessarily large cut of the compensation which should rightfully be yours. A No win, no fee compensation provider is commonplace but should be researched first. You certainly don’t want to be out of pocket should your claim be denied. Equally important is locating a provider which can offer examples of previously successful claims which are similar to your own, and examples of the likely fees you can expect to face which is associated with your claim.

Getting the most from your claim

Having an accident isn’t supposed to be financially beneficial. It isn’t a claim to get paid as a perk, it is financial compensation. Compensation means that the finances you can expect to receive should go some way to assisting with the disruption to your life that you have encountered as a result of the injury. But that isn’t to say that you should needlessly lose a large chunk of your claim to the solicitors that are making the claim on your behalf. To get the most from your claim, look for a solicitors which gain a portion of the legal fees and not a portion of your compensation.

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