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Financially Dealing with Freakish Hail Storms

Posted November 28, 2012 by UKTony to Finance 0 0
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We all like to take care of our belongings and our property, but some things are beyond our control. When our homes are hit by freak weather conditions, we can find ourselves facing a large bill in order to put things right. One sort of extreme weather that can cause quite substantial damage to property is hail. Here is a handy guide to help you through making a claim for hail damage.

Before you claim.

The first thing you need to do is make a note of the date that the damage occurred. When you make a claim, this is one of the first questions that you will be asked. Due to the nature of the event, it is more than likely that most of the damage sustained will be on the roof. In this instance, you need to get at least three roofing contractors to have a look at the problem and to give you estimates. Always do your research on the contractors and ask for references, as well as checking out their business credentials.

It is also a good idea to ask the contractors to take photographs of the damage whilst they carry out their inspection, as this will be useful at a later date. If they recommend that you contact your insurance company in order to make a claim, ask them if they would be willing to come back to your house whilst the insurance adjuster makes his inspection.

Making your claim.

Once you have decided to make a claim, you need to contact your insurance advisor. Inform them of the opinions of the roofing contractors and your insurance company will most likely then arrange for one of their insurance adjusters to come and inspect the damage. Don't forget to inform your roofing contractor of the date and time agreed for this inspection.

If the adjuster agrees that work needs to be done, you could be offered a settlement almost immediately. The amount payable for the damage should ideally be cleared with the roofing contractor. If the adjuster disagrees about the work that needs doing, now is the time to get the roofing contractor to explain why they think that the work does in fact need doing.

When problems arise.

If there is property damage caused by hail but the insurance company disputes the claim and refuses to pay out, you may need to seek help from a legal professional. If needing the services of such professional Merseyside solicitors residents have ample choice at their fingertips. Your solicitor will be able to fight your corner and will probably be able to secure a fair settlement for the damage.

Insurance companies are supposed to act in 'good faith', meaning that they must treat their clients fairly. When they fail in this duty and refuse to cover repairs that very clearly need doing, then your solicitor may be able to secure not only the cost of the repairs, but also an additional compensatory payment on top. Most insurance companies do indeed act in good faith, but where the system fails, the law steps in to protect the homeowner.

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