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Diet, Workout and Fitness Tips to Get Body like Shahid Kapoor of Padmavat

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Sahid Kapoor has always been the perfect match of mush and mettle mix. The Jab We Met actor was first spotted in a music video and gradually went on to capture the heart of millions starting from his debut film Ishq Vishk in 2003. He had a battle series of box-office failure until his brilliant return in Haider in 2014. So, he has now become Bollywood Heartthrob and his upcoming film Padmavati hits theatres on 1st December, 2017. The trailer of the film is already out and fans are just going so excited over Kapoor’s powerful and poised portrayal of Rajput King Maharaja Rawal Ratan Singh. The first song “Ghoomar” has gained more than 40 million views three weeks of its release and thinking of breaking some more records by gaining 12 million views in a day. The Shahid-Deepika-Ranveer film Padmavati has become the most awaited release with each teaser, song and trailer is living up to the hype.

The actor Shahid Kapoor already stated in one of his interviews that Padmavati has been one of the most challenging roles mentally and physically in his career spanning of 14 years. The actor has gone through rigorous training and had to follow a strict diet to do the proper justice of his part as a warrior king in this film. Here, we are presenting a short list to let you know that what Shahid Kapoor went into to make the body of Maharaja Rawal Ratan Singh.

We all know that Shahid’s fitness has been one of the constants in his Bollywood career. Being a trained Dancer, Shahid always has been undergo of physical activities and never lets passivity seep in. Shahids fitness level speaks of consistency in the style of training that he receives.

Diet Plan and Tips:
Shahid is a self proclaimed fitness freak and love to expose his body to a range. Thus, he likes to do fitness activities and techniques to achieve a well rounded result.  From dancing to body weight training, equipment training, and cardio exercises – Shahid does it all. To do the Diet Chart and chalk out his meals as per the body requirements and workouts for Padmavati, the actor got celebrated Canadian chef Kelvin Cheung on board. He always has small meals like sweet nuggets made of coconut milk with bowl of cut mangoes at regular intervals. He always avoid to consume any artificial sugar and takes lots of greens in his afternoon meals like kale, broccoli, spinach along with grains and legumes with high protein rich food. Shahid Kapoor has been put on strict diet for up to 40 days.  During these days, he has taken brown rice and steamed vegetables in his meals. The actor also completely left the salt and sugar for 15 days during which the most of his closure shots/pictures were canned. It was really a strict Asian diet for the actor but he was also indulging in some other healthier options like a Mexican wrap with steamed and grilled vegetables. He revealed that e works a great deal and hard from his core which really enhances his body’s efficiency to perform any other activities.

Workout and Fitness Plan:
Now, coming to his workout plan, the actor undertook various training for his role as 13th century king. Shahid’s workout and fitness routine always had been a balance between cardio, equipment training and body weight exercises like burpees and even yoga as well. Shahid followed a strict diet and intense workout for his role in Padmavati. Despite of his tight schedule, Shahid trained and made room to work out for two hours every day. Shahid Kappor was taking training under famous trainer Samir Jaura with a complete boot camp regime to get the right physique. His daily workout includes cross fit training, functional training and even training with ladders, ropes, sand bags and tyres as well. The actor also went under the learning session of sword fighting and the basics of Mardani Khel which is mainly a weapon based martial art. He also undertook another special type of workout for the part as respiratory mask workout. This workout is mainly followed by sports person who is present in the field for long to boosting the stamina and lung capacity.

We know that Shahid Kapoor is a strict vegetarian which makes difficult to maintain and acquire energy which is required to match up the intensity and physique of his workout.  In such scenario, the focus has been shifted to drive maximum nutrients from the vegetarian source. Over the year, Shahid Kapoor was on a mix of protein and energy-dense vegetarian food diet. His meal was packed with all essential nutrients and nine amino acids. This was made easier by incorporating supplements such as mushroom capsules into his diet, as this helped to keep his immune system strong while working on such an intense schedule.

Shahid Kapoor was mainly taking only 50 grams of brown rice and steamed vegetables for the entire day during Padmavati. The aim of such diet plan is to lose some body weight and gain some lean muscles.

So, we can say that Shahid is a store house of energy. Whenever he is on stage for dancing, he sets it on fire and reaffirms that he is not such kind of person to tire down easily. He is one of those few actors who are really passionate about pursuing fitness and thus discipline and consistency is taken care of unavoidably.

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