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Debunking 10 Myths about Instagram for Business

Posted March 20, 2018 by Lucy Benton to Infographics 0 0
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Business owners and companies are becoming increasingly aware of all the benefits of social media marketing. Social media can help them reach out to their target audience, since everyone is already there anyway, as well as track and see how each marketing dollar they’ve spent is being put to work. However, the problem is that not all social networks are viewed in the same light. For instance, nearly all companies are using Facebook because of its global reach and a worldwide audience of over 1 billion active users. It’s not exactly a surprise that it’s being used for marketing and business purposes.


But, it is a surprise that Instagram isn’t receiving the same sort of treatment. Its reach is close to that of Facebook instant experiences, with over 800 million users, and more than 50% of them posting on a daily basis. Furthermore, brands and businesses can use hashtags in order make use of trending topic and reach a much wider audience than they normally would be able to. Also, 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded, and about 80% of users follow at least one business or company on Instagram. This means there is plenty of room for growth on both sides.


Currently, only about 60% of companies are using Instagram to reach out to their respective audiences, which is not nearly enough, if we consider all of the benefits described in the previous paragraph. Unlike Facebook, which has been viewed as equally effective when it comes to personal and business matters, Instagram is mainly considered as something that is aimed at teenagers, college, students, or girls. This couldn’t be further from the truth because more than 30% of active Instagram users are men, and that is a lot.


Instagram has grown more than any other social media website in the past few years or so, which alone is reason enough for you to start taking more seriously when it comes to growing your business. But, before you can start doing that, take a look at the infographic created by the designers over at Proessaywriting which explains 10 most common myths about using Instagram for your business. Along with helping you avoid the most common pitfalls, it will also provide you with some useful and practical advice on how to use your Instagram profile to grow your business and reach out to your audience.


About Lucy Benton: Lucy Benton is a marketing specialist, business consultant and helps people to turn their dreams into the profitable business. Now she is writing for marketing and business resources. Also, Lucy has her own blog Prowritingpartner.com where you can check her last publications. If you’re interested in working with Lucy, you can find her on Twitter.

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