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Data Tracking Services That Can Take Your Business to New Levels

Posted March 17, 2013 by Simmon Pierre to Consumer 1 0
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Data is an important thing that is necessary for all kinds of businesses now. The concept of Big Data is quite common and known to people, particularly in the business sector. When we refer to data for internet marketing, then it refers to the data that is used to propagate the business online. It might include posting comments and posts on different social media websites, uploading videos or images, gathering GPS signals and so on.

With knowledge about these kinds of things, it has become possible to upgrade the business to new levels. Previously there used to be many questions regarding businesses that could not be answered, but now it has become possible to provide answers to such stuff as well.

Using the Big Data can help in enhancing higher returns on investments (ROI) and also affects business decisions in a positive manner. There are many facts and statistics that support the statement. An overwhelming 241% ROI has been seen to be generated when Big Data has been applied to any kind of business decision. Data also helps in making a successful brand and this is supported by almost all chief marketing officers running successful marketing campaigns.

It is true that tracking Big Data is quite an expensive process. But with the demands of data, various tools and software are being designed and developed so that data tracking becomes easy and economical. This is one of the main reasons as why many small businesses are also using these systems so that they can gather maximum data and utilize the same for their business in the most effective manner.

Here are some data tracking services which can be trusted and relied on:

• Size Up – The Small Business Administration website contains the Size Up tool. This tool can help in locating all the small businesses that are there in the US. With this data in hand, it will be easier for a business owner to decide as where to set up a new business so that maximum profits can be obtained. One of the best examples in this regard is looking for the right place to set a restaurant.

• Custora – This data tracking tool is very useful particularly in the online retail industry. With the help of this tool it is easy to identify the valuable customers of the company. Not only this, the tool also recommends ways to retain the customers. Complete track is maintained of repeat customers as well. Also some customers are lost in every business. This tool suggests methods and incentives so that these customers can be brought back again. Order logs can also be analyzed by this software.

• Swipely – This software is mainly targeted at local merchants. The software manages analytics, offers marketing tools as well helps in managing payments. The software also helps in comparing different kinds of customers, like what percentage of new customers are coming compared to the numbers of repeat customers. Buying capacity of the customers is also monitored. Social media deals are also handled by the software efficiently.

• Kaggle – Kaggle is one of the most popular data tracking tools used. Predictive modeling has got a new platform with this tool. Different kinds of data are put up by different companies. Statisticians from across the globe come here and strive at making the best models out of the data present there. This is a kind of competition and there is handsome prize money for the winner as well. The intellectual property is obtained for the model. Interestingly, some great ideas and models are obtained via this source.

Using these tools effectively can help in boosting any business in a great manner.


About Simmon Pierre: Simmon Pierre is a financial consultant and he regularly writes for GlobalServeProperties.com. 

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