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Choosing Gifts for College Grads

Posted December 4, 2012 by Rainier to Consumer 0 0
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With winter exam week just around the corner, a new crop of college students is preparing to graduate. Many college students probably want a job more than anything else this year, but if you can’t hire them, there are many gifts that will help your favorite student begin their post-college life. Whether you just want to congratulate a friend on finishing school, or to help a new grad get on their feet, here are a few gifts that are sure to get an A.

Congratulatory Gifts

Many times, the best gift is just one to show a friend or loved one how proud you are of their accomplishment. If you want to give a token of your happiness, you can’t go wrong with these timeless tokens.

  • Flowers are an excellent gift to give after the graduation ceremony, especially for female graduates. You can go with arrangements that your graduate can keep in their apartment or new office, or go with a bouquet that will look great in graduation photos around campus.
  • You probably won’t need to lift your grad’s spirit at all on graduation day, but special graduation balloons can be kept long after they deflate to remind them of their time in school.
  • For a more tangible and long-lasting gift, you may want to consider something like a college-themed teddy bear gift basket from Serious Teddy Bear Co. A teddy bear or other stuff animal provides a physical reminder of their accomplishment that is easier to cuddle than a framed diploma.

Practical Gifts

It’s safe to say that most parents probably can’t afford to buy a new car to help a new grad make their way in life, but hopeful professionals have a lot of needs that can be difficult to meet before they start making money.  After you’ve congratulated them, think about a gift that will be useful during a job search.

  • Financial help is always welcome, and if you’re a parent, you’re probably experienced in helping with some monthly bills. After graduation, students are faced with the new reality of student loan payments. If you can, offer to help with these payments until your new grad secures a job.
  • A professional wardrobe can be one of the biggest expenses for new professionals. Treat your grad to a new suit, some professional dresses or some fancy ties. They won’t set you back too much, but they’ll help your graduate stand out at a job interview.
  • Briefcases are a traditional gift for law school graduates, but a nice briefcase or laptop bags are great for any graduate. Increasing numbers of new employees bring their own laptops to work, so having a nice case is important.

Decorative Gifts

Finally, you can give gifts to help your graduate feel at home in their new office or apartment. There are a million ways to decorate a personal space, so think of gifts that will mean a lot to your graduate.

  • Custom diploma frames can be a hefty investment for a recent grad, but hanging a diploma can be a great source of pride. Most universities offer a range of fantastic frames, so take a visit to a frame shop after the graduation ceremony.
  • College memorabilia is a great way to help your graduate keep their college experience close to heart. You’ll probably make a trip to the university bookstore on graduation day anyway, so feel free to splurge on a special day. If you’re buying from a distance, sites like FanEdge offer a huge selection of college merchandise.
About Rainier: Rainier Fuclan is a freelance writer and a Western Illinois University graduate. In his free time he enjoys cooking and learning new skills everyday.

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