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Basic Rules on Stock Trading and Investing

Posted March 27, 2013 by Amarendra to Investing 0 0
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Any person wanting to enter the world of stock market should have a good grasp on the basic dynamics in the industry. Most people who do not succeed on stock investment do not actually know the basics of stock trading making them not effective in their strategies. To help you on this, here are the top 10 basic rules you need to know when entering the stock market:

1. Buy low and sell high

It’s as simple as buying a cheap product and selling it higher to make a profit. However, most investors actually do the opposite and even some sites catering to stock investment would recommend the opposite. Now you know why there are a lot of people who fail in stock investment. Your ability to enter the stock market at the right time will determine your success in this industry.

2. The trend always changes

It should be noted that an extreme movement of a stock up and down will result to a more extreme movement in the opposite direction. For instance, when a stock goes up, it will eventually go down and when stocks go down, it will go up. Using this trend, you will know when is the best time to buy or sell your stocks.

3. You won’t know the reason that markets move

In the stock market, almost everything rotates in perception and not the reality. So overanalyzing on how the market moves will end you up to nothing. The best way to deal with it is to analyze the trends in the stocks because winners in stock markets are only interested in the direction and duration and not on why stocks are moving.

4. The market trend will be your best friend.

If you want to gain more profit, you have to stay close as much as possible to the market trends. Most big profits are made by entering into large market moves.

5. Maintain trading discipline

A highly disciplined trading most often than not yields more money in the long run. Use your profits to run and gain more profit from it.

6. Rely on your own instinct and observation and limit the use of trading software

Unless these trading experts use their money to trade and were successful, never listen to them most of the time as they are giving broad and general comments and will not help you earn profit in reality. If you want to do so, go for credible stock trading systems as used by other people.

7. Spend a considerable time in trading

An excellent investing method will usually need no more than five hours per week. One to two hours of effort per week may not lead you to trading success, but spending too long on deciding and knowing why trends happen will also lead you to less success. These basic rules are meant to offer general guidelines in stock trading and investing.. 

About Amarendra: Raymond Paris is a stock investor and has gained profit from this business. He shares that stock trading at first is confusing and hard, but once you learn the basics and the steps to be taken, you will easily catch up with the market.

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