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Are You Really Saving Money This Summer with the Kids?

Posted August 14, 2012 by amielaroux to Family Finance 1 0
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Summer holidays are expensive. So in tough times like these many of us are choosing to steer clear of costly trips abroad and are staying in on the British Isles for a cheaper summer break.

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On face value, trips to London and seaside jaunts are significantly less expensive than jetting off around Europe or further afield. Without the cost of flights, travel insurance and expensive hotels staying in the UK seems cheap. Unfortunately in many cases domestic holidays can spiral out of financial control and you may find yourself spending as much, if not more, money at home than you would abroad

Fortunately there are a number of tricks to staying within or under budget when ferrying you and your family around the country.

Get where you’re going without splashing out

Despite high train fares and fuel prices in there are a few ways of beating the system and finding railway bargains and economical alternatives to driving.
Depending on the size and age of your family bus travel may be inappropriate. However, if your children are well into their teenage years they may be receptive to this slightly less comfortable but significantly cheaper mode of transport. Bus companies offer country-wide travel which, while time consuming and largely uncomfortable, can be mind-blowingly cheap.

If you would prefer to avoid travelling by coach, there are affordable ways of travelling by rail. If you book a long way in advance, especially through third party applications, can comprehensively reduce the price of train tickets. This does however limit the potential for last minute trips away and long train journeys can still be expensive regardless of how early you begin planning.

Saving on hotels will help you sleep easy

Sleeping well isn’t simply down to how comfortable your bed is; let your conscience rest knowing that you’re getting the best deal.
Options such as youth hostels and campsites are often charmingly cheap alternatives to swanky hotels and overpriced bed and breakfasts.
Usually the realm of the backpacking student, youth hostels aren’t the free-for-all that many people imagine. These days’ youth hostel establishments are run as efficiently as hotels and many offer similar rooming opportunities to hotels rather than the stereotype dorm-room experience. The price, which almost always boils down to a fraction of the cost of staying in a central hotel, can liberate your bank account and your conscience for the rest of your holiday.


Eat well without the price tag

Everybody appreciates the treat of dining out; however the expense that it causes can be easily overlooked whilst on holiday. Why spend a premium on overpriced small portions in restaurants when local markets let you eat like a king for less.

Picnics on the beach or in parks are charming, especially when you have kids to let loose. Fresh food is always the best food, so local markets are a must when planning a picnic. Taking advantage of sale items at posh supermarkets is an alternative way to enjoy expensive food, and what better way to get your kids to try new things, but in new exciting environments.


Having an inexpensive holiday isn’t difficult. If you are aware of where you are spending your money and save a little bit in each of the places people usually spend their money, you could have an equally good holiday which is easy on your mind and your bank account.

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