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5 ways to compare between the good schools in Gurgaon.

Posted March 12, 2018 by jeet to default 1 0
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To say that parenting is hard would be an understatement. There’s so much to do, so many things to think off or and a truck load of very important decision that rest on your shoulders.
One of these decisions is choosing the right school for your child.

When you begin your search, you might find yourself in the middle of a catch 22 kind of situation.
Because you might have so many impressive options to choose from that choosing one over the other might be next to impossible.
In such a scenario, a few tips can help you make the right choice and this article will highlight some of them so you can make the right decision for your child.

1. The first tip is to make a school visit.

Comparing between the numerous good schools in Gurgaon begins with a school visit.
You should arrange to meet the principal, see if their philosophy is something that matches what you are looking for.
While you are at the school, observe how the teachers interact with the kids. Do they engage them or just keep on teaching.

You can even go up to one of the staff and ask them a few questions about things like the student-teacher ratio, how they deal with bad behavior and how they encourage learning, maybe even pop a trick question like ‘would you send your child to this school’.
They’re bound to say yes but their body language while answering you will tell much more. If they already have a child enrolled in the school then that’s always a good sign.

2. Compare the facilities:

All the good schools in Gurgaon will offer world class facilities; it still makes sense to compare them.
Look for schools with modern classrooms that aid teaching and improve the interest of student of the given topic.
Next you can look for well-equipped science labs, a library with a good collection of books and a well-versed librarian.
Good sports facilities are another must, so look for schools with good indoor and outdoor sport facilities.
You can also compare the amount area a school is spread across; some schools in Gurgaon have up to 5 acres of land for your child to grow and run-free.

3. What other parents have to say.

Other parents are probably you best bet to get an insider’s point of view regarding a school, its teachers, teaching methods, etc.
Parents who have their children enrolled in a certain school went through the same process of comparing and selecting a school as you are going through now and thus are the perfect resource for unbiased information.

Better still is asking the child. If he or she is happy to go to school, made good friends and enjoys learning at a particular school, it’s obviously one of the best signs of a great school.

4. Practical considerations:

Comparing between the good schools in Gurgaon should also be done keeping in mind practical consideration such as how far the school is, how long it takes to travel to and fro, the timings of the schools, etc.
5. Lastly; trust your gut.

So, you’ve visited numerous schools, compared many factors, endlessly thought about each option and now all that’s left is to make a decision. This is the hardest part but all you have to do is revisit all the schools in your mind, place yourself in one of the classrooms and ask yourself, would I like to study here? Or more importantly, would my child want to go to this school. Opt with the school that gives you that right feeling in your gut!

There you have it, 5 tips you can use while comparing between the numerous good schools in Gurgaon. We hope this article has been helpful and all the best!

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