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5 Best Mobile Apps for Android

Posted March 15, 2013 by Belinda Mills to Consumer 0 0
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As Android devices continue to flourish, so is the creation of apps. Apps are there to provide better experience for Android users as it allows more conveniences and easy navigation. There are hundreds of Android apps being offered today, below are some of the best ones:

1. AppGarden Lite
The AppGarden is a free application for Android which is characterized to be lightweight. It consists of a number of useful utilities such as the following: password generator, barcode scanner and conversions charts. In order to access these utilities instantly, they can be bookmarked.  Under the ‘My Favorites’ folder comprise of the following calorie, calculator, Urban Dictionary Lookup, Currency Calculator, Tip Calculator, Stopwatch and QR Scanner. Whether you are a businessman, teacher or student, all these applications are beneficial to your needs. You can access them instantly on your android device.

2. aDownloader
The aDownloader is a free app for Android which allows the user to provide and safe and easy downloading method. Although there a number of BitTorrents available today, the traditional aDownloader still performs effectively because of its crash-free feature. One of its top-rates features is its capability to pause and resume downloads. If you love downloading music, movies and other stuff, this app is just right for you. File size doesn’t matter either.

3. Avast Mobile Security
The Avast Mobile Security is a free app for Android that provides a number of security features such as the following: battery manager, safe web browsing, app management, remote-lock and remote wipe. The anti-virus which was given top rating by the AV-Test is also given as an add-on bonus to the app. The Avast Mobile security app is also very light. The only drawback this app is that is does not provide a back-up feature therefore; it has to be in sync with your PC.

4. Auto Memory Manager
The Auto Memory Manager is a free app is characterized as an ad-supported app which provides complete memory information. It also allows the sure to set the memory on the apps which are commonly used. Memory plays an important role in any device. If there is a need to do a performance boost on a computer or any mobile device, the most common method is to manage or upgrade the memory. When your Android runs slow, then you download the Auto Memory Manager.

5. History Eraser Pro
The History Eraser Pro is free app that allows the user to remove all the junk off your smartphone. Upon acquiring this app to your android device, you delete all junk data, cached files, browser history and text messages. All these can be wiped out in just one shot.
Android is the most common operating system used today in many devices such tablets and smartphones. If you are on the hunt for the best apps for your android device, the above-mentioned apps can be useful for you. Whatever app you need, you can always acquire what you need through the internet. While some apps are free, others charge a fee however, it is surely easy on the pocket.


About Belinda Mills: Belinda is a finance and techonology writer for irsapex.com. We is currently living in Miami Florida and writes for several blogs.

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