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The Truths about Cash Loans

Cash loans are considered useful for many who are struggling to make ends meet. They are quick and simple but there are many myths that surround these cash loans and they often make people stay away from the providers.


The most common myth is that the interest rates are extremely high. While it is true that you will see APRs of 1000 or 2000 percent, you should look into the fees that you will be charged for taking out the loan for the short term. They are designed for short term borrowing, typically 31 days, and there will usually be a set fee for the amount that you take out. This fee is usually smaller than if you went over your credit limit or went into an unapproved overdraft.


Another common myth is that the cash loans will harm your credit rating. This will only happen if you decide to ignore the due date and end up keeping hold of the money. However, by taking the loan and then paying it back on time, or sooner, you will find that it helps your credit rating; you can prove that you are sensible with your money and that you are not as high a risk as you used to be.


The fact that cash loans companies do not do credit checks, often brings in the myth that nobody will be able to borrow the money. However, the interest rates are high because of this. At the same time, there are set requirements that you must meet to be able to borrow the money. This will include being in full time employment and will also involve earning over a certain amount of money.


This often brings in the cash loans myth that those who are unemployed, self-employed or are working part time will not be able to borrow the money. However, this is all about shopping around as there are some providers that are happy to lend to these types of people. There may be other requirements that you need to meet so you should check for this before you start applying.


Cash loans can be gained very quickly, contrary to popular belief. In fact, the loans can sometimes be gained within an hour of applying and the application process can take as little as 15 minutes to complete and be approved for the loan. This is something that differs between companies so you will need to check out the details carefully. This will also be dependent on other factors, including the date and time that you applied and whether your bank will allow a fast cash transfer.


When it comes to looking for cash loans, you should always shop around to find the best deal for you. This will be dependent on your current situation and the amount of money that you want to borrow. Remember that you should not budget with these in mind and should only ever use them as a way to fund an emergency or to make ends meet once in a blue moon.

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