1. What is a Mortgage?
    A Mortgage is a contract made between a lender and a borrower that uses property as collateral to secure the loan. If the borrower fails to comply with Mortgage payments, the lender is allowed to take possession of the property.
  2. Who are your Mortgage Lenders?
    Our Mortgage Lenders are trusted financial institutions who have already established themselves on the market. When you take a loan, your personal information is directly transferred to the loan provider – we don't disclose your personal details to anybody, and we are determined to do our best to protect your privacy at all times. All institutions we cooperate with are carefully selected and thoroughly verified. To maintain great quality of service, we constantly monitor all financial operations in which our customers are involved.
  3. What is a Mortgage Company?
    A Mortgage Company is a company that finances any kind of property its customers wish to purchase. These properties may include houses, land and cars and other vehicles. When a customer takes a Mortgage Loan, a company that provides the money takes care of its financing. Since the agreement made by the loan provider and the loan taker is legally binding, loan takers are obligated to gradually repay the loan amount, usually in monthly payments including interest rates, taxes and, optionally, loan insurance.
  4. What to consider when choosing a Mortgage Company?

    When choosing a Mortgage Company, you should consider the following criteria:

    • recommendations from your realtor,
    • good interest rates and pricing,
    • transparent, easy understandable terms and conditions.
  5. What is a Second Mortgage?
    A Second Mortgage is a loan subordinate to another loan (First Mortgage) and secured against the same property as the first Mortgage Loan. According to lenders, loans taken against a property are considered to be safer, which means borrowing against your home may allow you to get a bigger loan.

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