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The Key to Affordable Car Insurance: The Truth About Price Comparison

Posted May 18, 2013 by Nathan to Insurance 1 0
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The car insurance industry is changing, as a host of social, economic and technological advancements begin to have a considerable impact. In particular, new gender neutral legislation and sluggish economic growth have served to create intense competition between individual service providers, which has in turn lowered prices during the first financial quarter of 2013. Even as costs fall across numerous social demographics, however, it is still your duty as a consumer to identify additional money saving measures.

Comparing Insurance Prices: 3 Tips for Obtaining the Best Possible Deal

So are you ready to save some money? If so, now is the ideal time to refine your price comparison process in the quest to secure the most affordable deal. Consider the following options: -

  • Use Website Browser Tools to Enhance the Comparison Process: In recent times, online giants Apple and Google have used their technical expertise to create purposeful and money saving browser extensions. Available on Safari and Chrome, these tools enable you to streamline the price comparison process and arrange for real time updates to be delivered to your inbox while you shop. Price trace is a particularly effective application, as you can search for a relevant price history and existing deals on specific financial products or providers. This way, you can shop in confidence and identify the very best offers on the market.
  • Think Beyond Price Comparison Sites: While price comparison sites are now extremely comprehensive financial tools, they do not necessarily include information from every single car insurance provider. In fact, many of the industries leading brands have sought to distance themselves from these resources in recent times, in a bid to distinguish themselves in the market and draw clients directly to their website. With this in mind, you cannot undertake a thorough price comparison process without visiting a selection of independent websites, especially when you consider the considerable levels of competition that exist between rival firms.
  • Use Individual Deals as Leverage and Negotiation Tools: Once you have identified several of the most competitive car insurance deals, the next step is to negotiate with independent providers and drive down the cost even further. To achieve this, you must capitalize on the intense levels of competition within the market and use individual deals as leverage during a negotiation process. Do not be afraid to discuss the terms of more favourable deals when you interact with providers, as this will force them to reconsider their offer if they are to secure your valuable business. This process will help you to eliminate potential deals, until you are left with the most cost effective and financially rewarding policy available.

The Last Word

These tips aside, it is important to remember that your quest for affordable car insurance will only be successful if you are willing to invest time into researching viable options. Such a commitment will enable to identify the best real time deals in the UK, and provide you with a platform from which you can approach providers and negotiate accordingly. As the global economic continues to stall, it is important that you make prudent financial decisions and consider the importance of achieving value for your hard earned money

About Nathan: This post was written by Nathan, who works as a financial analyst and researcher in the UK. He is an expert on consumer rights and insurance, and recommends Kanetix for your financial needs.

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