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Easiest Labeling Devices That Will Save Your Business Money Long Term

Posted August 20, 2012 by Amey Bester to Finance News 0 0
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There are a lot of reasons to label the various things in your business. This includes labeling shelves, products and even things in the back office. With the right labeling system, you will be able to save your business a considerable amount of money long term. You will be able to label everything accurately, ensuring that no mistakes are made and that labor is more productive.

The Reasons to Label

Regardless of your industry, there are hundreds of reasons why you want to label. If you are in the medical profession, you may need to label different vials, medications and even patient information. If something were to get labeled incorrectly, you could be liable for a lawsuit because of someone getting the wrong information or medication.

When you’re a store, you want to label things to help customers and employees. Customers will need to know what an item is and what the price of it is. Employees will need to rely on the labels to know where things go. This will help with stocking shelves as well as conducting inventory.

Even if you’re in the building industry, you can benefit from labeling in your back office. It’s important to know where all of the necessary forms are and where your different client’s information is. With the use of a labeler, you can keep everything organized. You won’t have to rely on hand-written labels, which can often be hard to read and will slow you down.

Ultimately, labeling devices are going to save you time, which equals money. Some will save you money just on general principle. Once you have established why you need a label, it’s important to focus on the easiest labeling devices for your particular business.

Home Office Labeling Devices

It’s going to be a lot easier to label if your employees don’t have to sit down at the computer every time they have to print out a label. Unless you’re printing out mass quantities of the same label, it’s best to look for a handheld device. Dymo (www.dymo.com) makes a number of labeling devices that will allow you to print wherever you go. They are battery powered, making them very easy to use.

You can find labeling devices that will print the size and color that you need. You can type in the information you need, press ‘print’ and the label will come right out of the device. You can choose from a number of features that include:

- Size

- Number of rows

- Adhesive quality

- Color

These home office labels can be used on a variety of things. You can use them on shelves, on filing cabinets, on employee and customer folders and much more. You can eliminate hand-written signage by using computer-printed labels from a handheld device. It will be one of the best ways to save some money in your home office.

Industrial Labeling Devices

Printer ink and pages of labels can be very expensive. When you buy a handheld industrial labeler, you have the ability to use rolls of labels that can be purchased in bulk. Further, if you are in an industry where you aren’t in direct sunlight or excessive heat, you can use thermal labelers. These are very affordable because they don’t use any ink – instead they use a thermal heat processing system to print the label.

The industrial labeling devices are designed to be used indoors and out. Even when exposed to dirt and dust, they will continue printing when you need them to. This will allow you to use the printers in warehouses and at special events. If you don’t have the proper labels, it could be costing you money. With these labelers, you will always have the ability to print on the go.

Labeling devices are found throughout the market. When you are looking to save your business money in the long term, you need to look at the cost of printing. Thermal is a cost saver if it can be used in your industry. You also want to look at labelers and labeling supplies that will allow you to purchase in bulk. This is a great way to keep things organized and save money at the same time.

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