Car Insurance Companies

Car insurance companies are probably the most common type of insurance companies around. With the number of vehicles on the road today, the demand for insurance is quite high.

Car insurance may seem the same, but it policies, coverage and prices vary depending on the agent and the insurance companies. It is mandatory in most states that a vehicle must be insured with the minimum level of insurance as mandated by the state. Car insurance companies will know what that minimum coverage has to be and provide that level of insurance unless specified otherwise. If a car is financed, the lender will require a higher level of insurance to cover the financing in the event of a collision and the car is considered a total loss.

The customer may also want additional insurance above the mandated state minimum for their own protection. Car insurance companies will provide whatever insurance is necessary, needed or desired. Car insurance companies will also provide the claim procedures in the event of an accident. They will review the damage done to the car and review the accident report as well as interview all involved in the accident. The car insurance companies either approve or deny a claim. If they approve a claim, the claimant is allowed to have the damage repaired at a cost covered by the insurance company. If a claim is denied, the claimant will receive in writing the reasons the claim was denied and be given the opportunity to appeal the claim.

Reasons car insurance companies might deny a claim is the terms of the policy were violated. Perhaps an unauthorized person was driving the car at the time of the accident or the policy does not include coverage for the type of accident it was. The claimant when appealing the decision will have a hearing before the insurance commissioner. They will have the opportunity to plead their case and the insurance commission will render s decision. The claimant does not have to have legal representation when before the insurance commission, but it will be helpful to the claimant if they do.

If the insurance commission upholds the decision of the insurance company, the claimant is entitled to take legal action and file a law suit against the car insurance company. The case will be either be a bench case, where the judge will render a decision or the case will be tried before a jury and the jury will render s decision.

No matter which way the claimant proceeds, it could be a costly endeavor and probably way beyond the cost of fixing a damaged car in the first place.

Car insurance companies will offer customers discounts on their car insurance for having certain safety features installed on their car. Most of those safety features are factory installed so a discount is automatic, but the customer can add to the discount by having an alarm and an anti theft feature installed also. Additional discounts can be had by insuring multiple cars and adding homeowners insurance to the insurance package.

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