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What separates WesternUnion app from the rest

Posted August 2, 2019 by EasyFinance.com to Finance 1 0

The Western Union money transfer app makes it easy to send and receive money. This company has been around since 1851 and has become a worldwide leader in money transfers. Western Union has improved its services over the years and has even launched a mobile app. There are several advantages to using this company over other payment transfers.

1. Quick & Easy

Western Union offers a wide variety of features that make it easy to send and receive money. First, you can choose whether to send money as cash or to load on a prepaid card. Both options are instant. However, it can take one to three business days for those funds to be available, especially if you're sending it to someone who lives in a remote location.

But that person should receive it within 10 minutes. This service is completely flawless as there are no problems with the transaction.

2. Convenience

Western Union is rolling out convenient features on a regular basis. Western Union Speedpay makes it easy to pay your bills on any mobile device. You can choose the EPB Bill option, which allows you to pay your cable, electric, and water bills at once. This service is available 24/7 to Western Union customers.

There's also the added convenience of sending money through the app. You can operate your business at any time of the day or night. The Western Union Prepaid Card can be used with your mobile app. Keep in mind there are two versions of this card: the Gold Card Visa and the MoneyWise Prepaid Card. But they both act like debit cards that can be used to manage your money and keep track of payments on your mobile app.

You can send money to anyone using either of these cards. You can also use them to receive money through Western Union if you want to cut banks out of your life. Then you can have it automatically set up so the money is directly loaded to your card. This eliminates the need to pick up cash or checks.

3. Ideal for Inclement Weather

Sometimes the weather outside isn't worth it to run to the bank. Maybe it's too hot outside. Or, maybe you're in a part of the world where the temperatures are freezing and your bed never looked better. Experiencing rain and high winds? Western Union makes it easy to provide the services you need without having to leave your house.

4. Won't Miss Bills or Deadlines

Maybe you owe a contractor. Or, you missed a bill that was due by the end of the month. Now you're worried about your utilities or services getting cut off. This mobile app will allow you to make payments quickly and easily. You can even send money to those same companies on a regular basis.

5. No Need to Stand in Line

There's no need to stand in line at the bank or sit at the drive-up ATM. This could take several minutes of your time. You have better things to do. The great thing about the Western Union app is that you can use it while working or sitting on your couch. You don't even have to leave your house.

There's no need to sit in traffic because you have to withdraw money from the ATM in order to give it to your friend or loved one. You can put those minutes to use by downloading this mobile app instead. Instead of complaining about how slow the teller is, you can transfer or send money to the important people in your life whenever you want.

6. Perfect for the Graveyard Shift

Maybe you work the graveyard shift and don't have time to get to the bank. If your shift ends when banks and businesses are closed, then you'll want to use Western Union to send money instead. It can be impossible to reach your favorite agent when you're leaving work in the early hours of the morning. This mobile app will send money transfers for you at any given time. All you need is an internet connection.

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