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The Perfect Date: How to Prepare For Your First Date

Posted March 23, 2020 by EasyFinance.com to Personal Journey 1 0

Nowadays, it is easy to score a new date, thanks to the multiple dating apps, social media, websites, and traditional dating sites. It, however, takes courage, and enough preparations to meet your date for the first time. The whole experience can leave you excited and nervous at the same time, even if you have been on similar dates before. You may not be able to control your excitement or nervousness, but you can manage your preparations. In this guide, we have put together the crucial preparation tips you should observe before you meet your new-found love. The tips may not guarantee you a successful meeting, but they can make you at ease throughout the entire meeting. Check them out:

  • Plan for your meeting point

The first thing is to plan on your meeting point. The meeting point of the first date meeting should be neutral unless you are readily aware of the likes and the dislikes of your new love. The place should be casual, and it should set the right tone for the meeting. Also, the ideal meeting point should favor both of you, especially if you are far apart. If possible, discuss the meeting point at least two weeks before the meeting to leave room for changes. Ensure that the area guarantees a high-security level, especially if you do not know the other party well. You can meet in a hotel, restaurant, club, or any other open place. You can also have a plan B location in case a problem arises at the first meeting point.

  • Prepare for an exciting and engaging conversation

A first date can be an awkward experience considering that both of you are strangers, and you don't know how to excite or impress the other person. For this reason, you should arm yourself with the right questions or topics that you will use to steer the conversation. Here are some engaging things that you can ask your new date:

  • Where is home? - This question can trigger a lengthy discussion of where they were born, where they grew up, and so on.

  • What's your best meal? -You will most probably get more than a one-word answer

  • What's that unique thing that I may not know about you?-this question will most likely trigger an in-depth explanation and conversation

  • Which things do you enjoy?

  • How was your childhood? Did you have a nickname?

  • What are your bucket list goals for this year?

There are many topics that you can talk about, provided that they are relevant. However, remember to keep the conversation going by giving your answer to the same question too. Lastly, avoid getting too personal. You can ask the type of work that the other party does, but you should ask how much salary they earn.

  • Present yourself well

The other party will perceive you the way you present yourself on the first day of your meeting. For this reason, you should take your time to choose the best clothes to wear. Your dressing should get inspiration from the real things that the date entails. For instance, you can wear fancy clothes if you will be having a movie date or a perfect dinner date. Conversely, you can wear casual jeans and t-shirts if you have a hiking date. Take time to research the best wear for your body, and ensure that you are comfortable.  According to the founders of Jasper Holland, women like to see that a man has put some effort into his date outfit in addition to being comfortable with what he's wearing. So, find out the best trendy wear for the occasion, and seek honest opinions from your trusted friends on how you look in the clothes. You can also use sites like TruePheromones.com to take advantage of their products, to help you feel confident and attractive for your date. 

  • Consider your body language

Consider how you will express yourself both verbally and non- verbally. You may not have any issues in expressing yourself verbally, but what about the facial expressions and your body language entirely? Nonverbal communication is perhaps one of the loudest forms of communication, and you should, therefore, keep it in reasonable control. Mirroring is the main form of non-verbal communication. It refers to the ability to mimic the behavior of the other person. True mirroring is an ideal way of showing your new love that you are interested in their company. Leaning is another effective non-verbal method of showing interest. You should, however, put a limit on how your non-verbal communication is.

  • Avoid negativity

The primary aim of a first date is to see each and know the basics of each other. You should not use the opportunity to bring negative questions, negative opinions, or negative stories. For instance, you can talk about your achievements and likes, but you should not focus too much on your failures and dislikes. Similarly, you should not concentrate too much on understanding the negative things that affect your new love. Your conversation should be simple, straightforward, and neutral. You can spare the long stories and descriptions for the following date. Focus on the best things first and let the others follow with time. 

  • Research and Learn from past experiences

Look back at your similar first date meetings and figure out the things that didn't work out well. Perhaps you got in late, or maybe you asked embarrassing questions. Consider how the entire experiences were, and find out if there is something that you can change. And if you do not have any previous dating experience, use online sources to read the various people's experiences. You can even carry out a rehearsal in front of your friends to get a rating of how your date will probably be.

First time dates can be hard, especially if you do not know how to express yourself, or what to talk about. You can, however, make your experience amazing and memorable by following the above tips. Understand the type of person you will be meeting with, and decide on an ideal meeting point. Choose the right outfit, and remember to express yourself well. Finally, use your past experiences to know the things that you can change or improve.

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