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Pinnacle Lending Offers Low-Interest Rates

Posted March 23, 2020 by EasyFinance.com to Finance 1 0

Pinnacle  Lending, one of the leading lending companies serving the San Diego area announces interest rates for as low as 5.99%. This is by far one of the lowest rates offered by a lending company that offers secured and unsecured loans and is in line with the company's goal to serve more clients with customized loans, reasonable interest, and personalized service.

Customized Loan Terms and Fast Approval

Aside from low-interest rates, Pinnacle Lending is also known for its personalized service, customized loan plans, and quick approvals. Approval can be given after 2 hours which is ideal for those who plan to use a loan to fund a business opportunity, pay off emergency bills or put down a bid on a house.

Pinnacle Lending is also known for its flexible payment options which consider the unique financial situation of every client. Personal conversations with mortgage managers are the perfect opportunities to create a mortgage plan that is customized to ensure that borrowers can pay on time. Initial consultations are free so that prospective borrowers can decide once they have all the information they need.

Benefits of Personal Loans from Pinnacle Lending

Emergency funds

Personal loans can serve as the most suitable option for those faced with emergency financial needs. From unexpected illness to the unexpected loss of income, being able to secure a personal loan can help individuals and households stay afloat financially until the flow of income normalizes.


Personal loans are more than just the ideal loan options for those facing limited time and resources. This type of loan is versatile, which means that they can be taken out for virtually any purpose, from emergency funding to funding a kitchen renovation. They are also offered by traditional and non-traditional lending sources, such as banks, credit unions, and online lenders.

No need for security

Unsecured personal loans do not require any collateral. Good credit is also not a hard requirement to get a personal loan, making it ideal for those with not-so-stellar credit histories or those who are trying to pay off multiple debts. Personal loans, whether secured or unsecured, also come with reasonable interest rates which are often lower than credit card interest rates.

A year to pay off debt

Most personal loan plans offer the borrower a year to pay off the debt. This is a very reasonable arrangement since it allows borrowers ample time to look for a regular income stream and accumulate savings while paying off the loan. Rates for personal loans stay fixed for the entire duration of the debt which means that they stay the same until the entirety of the loan is fully paid.

Pinnacle Lending: A Trusted Community Lender

While personal loans generally offer lower rates than other unsecured loans, it is important to work with trusted and reliable lenders to ensure that rates are reasonable. Testimonials from previous clients attest to the solid and reliable reputation that Pinnacle Lending Group has built through the years.

Aside from offering reasonable interest rates, Pinnacle Lending Group is known for its reliable service, transparent communication, and accessibility. Clients can reach them for clarification and questions, and team members can be relied upon to provide timely updates on loan applications so that customers are given the peace of mind that they deserve.

About Pinnacle Lending Group, Inc.

Pinnacle Lending is a trusted lending firm serving San Diego and surrounding areas. They focus on quality financial services, from mortgage loans to personal loans. They are known for customized loan packages and personalized service as well as their ability to offer loans not offered by traditional lenders.

Address: 2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-205San Diego, CA 92108

Phone: (866)278-6488

Email: info@pinnaclelendpro.com

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