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Bad Credit Unsecured Loans

Get access to easy loan in spite of bad credit report

Bad credit report has shut many doors for the borrowers who are in urgent need of cash to meet their financial obligations. No doubt, credit report is important as it opens ways to plenty of benefits. However, an individual should not be judged only by his/her credit report while applying for loans. A denial of loan can make a person go through severe mental and psychological trauma, but with the entry of bad credit unsecured loans, getting access to prompt cash is no more a discouraging task.

Availing prompt cash with bad credit is not a problem with a secured loan where you use your assets as collateral. However, an unsecured loan involves no asset. Therefore, getting hold of such loans becomes problematic.

Top ways of getting bad credit unsecured loans

You can easily qualify for bad credit unsecured loans in spite of less than perfect credit report. Unsecured personal loans can be easily accessed if your credit score is as low as 580. But if you have a credit score less than this, you seriously need to work on it and bring it to a standard level. Some of the ways to get immediate cash even after bad credit report is listed below:

  1. Payday loans: This is the most common type of unsecured loans for people with bad credit history. This loan is a real boon for all the people who were rejected loans due to some or other reasons. In this pattern of lending, there is no requirement of collateral neither you need to undergo a credit check. Your credit report hardly matters and also you don’t need to go through the lengthy documentation part. Money gets deposited into your bank account in shortest time period. The only negative point of this kind of loans is that the interest rate is very high. Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for these loans only when you’re in urgent need and can repay it back in time.

  1. Finance companies: This is also a good option for people who are looking for bad credit unsecured loans. The loan offered by finance companies is given in installments. The loans from finance companies are offered to bad credit holders, but at the same time they need to have a minimum credit which will make them eligible for the loans and favorable repayment terms.

  1. Credit unions: If you’re in good terms with a credit union, you can always give it a try. They are stricter in terms of credit report, but not like that of banks. A small amount of bad credit unsecured loans may be accessible through this system of lending.


  1. Online lenders: If you perform a search on engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AAfter Search and others, you would definitely come across many online lenders who would be ready to offer you loans even after a less than perfect credit report. They generally offer you loans in installments. The advantages of acquiring loans from online lenders are that the loans get approved quickly and you don’t have to go through the lengthy paper-work. This loan also has higher interest rates, but at least cheaper than that of payday loans.

  1. Loan with a cosigner: A close friend or a family member with strong and sound credit report may help you in getting bad credit unsecured loans. All they need to do is co-sign with you on the loan documents. This ensures the lender that his loan is in safe hands and will be repaid in time. Therefore, the chances of the loan being approved are also increased.


These were some of the ways through which you could crack bad credit unsecured loans. However, there are some rules which you need to follow while applying for unsecured loans with poor credit reports. The TIPS and the WARNINGS are listed below:

  • Payday loans: As already mentioned above, these loans come with very high interest rates. Therefore, go for these loans only in case of urgency. Opting for this loan for any normal situation can worsen your personal finance and lead you to dire consequences.

  • Unpaid medical bills: Avoid going for loans for unpaid medical bills. There is a way out where you can call the doctor or the billing department. They may schedule a repayment plan for you without giving any importance to your credit report. Thus, you will not have to borrow a loan.

  • Improve your credit rating: A secured or prepaid card can help you in rebuilding your credit ratings. This is specially designed for individuals who suffer because of bad credit score. Repaying the cash in time would help you enhance your credit report.

  • Beware of fake lenders:There are many lenders who would disguise themselves as authentic dealers and would ask you for a fee prior to depositing an amount in your bank account. Check the reputation of the lender and avoid the lenders who are not at all interested in listening to your credit report.


If you don’t want to fall prey to fake lenders or suffer after borrowing a big amount of loan without repaying it in time, then you seriously need to follow the tips and warning above.

In fact, bad credit unsecured loans not only cater your financial needs but also offer you a platform where you can improve your financial as well as credit history. These loans are well tailored for the bad credit holders so that they can carry out their important tasks even if the traditional lenders reject the loan application.

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